Zurich Beer Draws Driving Comparisons in Its Texting and Driving Ad

 - Nov 17, 2012
References: ghsa.org & ibelieveinadv
These photos look like regular shots of beer and wine, until you look closer and realize that this is really a texting and driving ad.

The print ads by Zurich Beer uses misdirection to draw a parallel between the dangers of drinking and driving and that of texting and driving. In a subtle, clever way, they convey the idea that texting and driving is no safer and should be treated the same as driving drunk.

In recent years, many places have banned cell phone use while driving due to increased concerns over distracted drivers. For instance, 39 states, D.C., Guam and the Virgin Islands all ban text messaging while driving.

While a lot of attention is given to drinking and driving, this is an interesting way to shift the concern in a texting and driving ad.