The McFarland Pissalyzer Wants to Prevent Drunk-Driving with Graphic PSA

 - May 17, 2011
References: facebook & adweek
In a PSA for beer company McFarland, Italian ad agency Publicis Milan has developed an entirely new way to prevent people from drunk driving -- the McFarland Pissalyzer.

The way the McFarland Pissalyzer works is through a small black square placed at the bottom of the urinal which measures the length of urination. After 25 seconds -- the amount of time the average urinal trip takes if you've had one pint -- you receive a warning on the little black square advising you to take a cab home.

The McFarland Pissalyzer is not a bulletproof idea, (what happens if you drink a ton of water all night and then use the urinal?) but it does add another intriguing dimension to the age-old debate about what lengths the government/alcohol companies/ad agencies should go to in preventing people from drunk driving, and what are the most effective.