The Abramet Ads Advocate No Drinking and Driving

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
It is a sad fact that ad campaigns like this Abramet one are still necessary. Of course, there will always be youngsters who don't really grasp the full danger of drinking and driving just as there will always be adults who think they have a better hold on alcohol than others, so it is great to have reminders like the Abramet campaign that we aren't impervious to bad accidents.

Conceived by Brazil-based ad agency Traqueto Publicidade, the Abramet campaign centers around three images of crushed cans with an image of a car on each. Emptied and discarded on the road, the Abramet campaign really shows the damage that can result from getting into the car intoxicated. The Abramet campaign doesn't even need to tagline, "You can drink or drive. Or drink and live." to drive home its point.