Get Your Beer Home Safe with the Growler On Board

 - Sep 21, 2012
References: coolmaterial
If you’ve ever driven with alcohol that wasn’t encased—bottles of wine, tequila, scotch, random beers—you’ll know that it’s no easy fit to transport them without your attention diverting from the road, which is why the Growler On Board is fundamental to drinkers.

Guilty as charged, I’ve driven with preoccupied thoughts for the safety of my delectable delicate companion in the next seat. Sometimes as distracting and dangerous as DUI, driving with alcohol in tow has many drivers keeping their eyes and arms (and mind) out for their precious alcohol, meaning they’re not fully concentrating on the path ahead.

With Growler On Board, this alcoholic car seat will make sure you can transport the precious ambrosia to safety. Simply load up the Growler to whichever seat you desire, fasten the seat belt and drive. Unfortunately, this magnificent invention only holds three jugs of beer at a time. But hey, who says you can only buy one?