From Boozy Cucumber Popsicles to Pineapple Cocktail Popsicles

 - Jul 13, 2015
These boozy ice pops put a new spin on social drinking. Perfect for the summer season, these booze-infused popsicles are sure to give consumers an on-the-go buzz.

While minors can enjoy their favorite popsicles sold out of ice cream trucks, ice pops such as bourbon bacon popsicles and boozy ice cream bars are sure to keep the adult audience just as happy. Though happy hour is a fun social encounter, citrus cocktail popsicles and sangria ice pops freeze popular cocktails and bring the bar experience to the consumer's home.

These boozy ice pops also feature alcohol-infused popsicles targeted at luxury lovers. POPS' exuberant ice pops are made with 37 percent champagne and are enjoyed by a number of celebrities.