This 'Cell Phones & Driving' Infographic Can Save Lives

While there continues to be a great deal of media attention against drinking and driving, this 'Cell Phones and Driving' Infographic draws focus upon another vehicle-operating concern: texting.

The 'Cell Phones and Driving' Infographic was put together by the Christensen Law Firm, which is located in Utah. Two of the most shocking statistics highlighted on the infographic are that approximately 18 percent of fatal car crashes are due to the use of cell phones, and that every 10 minutes, six car crashes occur as a result of cellular phone use while driving. This 'Cell Phones and Driving' Infographic is something all drivers and cell phone users should consider.

Implications - The use of modern technology has undoubtedly greatly affected society in both positive and negative ways. Companies who consider how to advocate for the appropriate use of their technologies will be viewed as socially conscious by consumers.