Coin-Operated Alcospot Vending Machine Tells You Your Limits

 - Nov 18, 2009
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AlcoSpot is a coin operated alcohol tester designed for restaurant, bar or club patrons who have had a few brewskies and want to make sure they’re still at a safe limit.

10 minutes after you’ve had a drink, just pop in 50 cents then blow into the machine with a straw for about 6 seconds.

I’m assuming it’s meant to prevent drunk driving, but I’d also like to suggest there should be a safe limit for drunken texting too.

The AlcoSpot public alcohol tester comes in different covers, including Uncle Sam, a silhouette of a cowboy in a field and cartoon women at what looks like a club. Alternatively, the covers can be fully customized with an image of your choice!

While the AlcoSpot is an incredible innovation, and an easy, 24/7 way to check your blood alcohol limits, I can imagine it might also lead to rowdy drink-offs where people challenged each other’s tolerance.