From Alcohol-Detecting Parking Barriers to Intelligent Bartender Bots

 - Jun 27, 2013
If you thought the standard breathalyzer was the only way to see how drunk you are, then you need to check out all of these atypical booze detectors. These booze detectors help keep drunk drivers off the road and cut you off when you've had too much in the most creative ways possible.

A robotic panda that serves drinks is awesome, but a robotic panda that serves drinks and tells you when you've had enough is even better. In all seriousness, these atypical booze detectors are designed to protect people. Said protection keeps drunk drivers off the road, bad singers away from the mic and tipsy people away from conversations. Yes, there is actually a karaoke mic that can tell you when you've had one too many to drink. And yes, every karaoke bar needs to stock them.