Breathalyzer Jacket Determines if You're Too Drunk to Function

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: cargocollective & fashioningtech
No one ever really admits to being drunk even though they are, so to determine if the alcohol blood level is really up there, Matt Leggett's concept outwear the Breathalyzer Jacket will help.

Leggett's concept project dubbed the Breathalyzer Jacket is designed to help people determine just how wasted they are. The outwear is embedded with an Arduino microprocessor, an alcohol sensor and LEDs that functions as a scale that lets the individual know whether or not they've had too much to drink. The sensor is located on the left collar and the lights on the sleeve will illuminate -- although not for decorative purposes.

The Breathalyzer Jacket is quite an interesting concept that may solve, or at least deter the issues of drunk driving.