- Nov 25, 2014
The weather is getting colder and that means it is about time to strategize winter outerwear for ultimate warmth. Nowadays, people can benefit from having more than a few warm jackets in their closet to account for a number of different situations including casual dates, office days and, of course, events that are even more formal.

When it comes to winter outerwear, designers and brands have become very creative in terms of both technology and style. Since materials are become more sophisticated with every year and season, it is only natural that winter outerwear can be both practical and chic. In one case, North Face created a slim shell that can be easily packed away when not needed while still being fashionable when worn and Kang.D created an avant-garde look that keeps the wearer warm.

From Packable Thermal Jackets to Adorable Panda Parkas: