The 2014 Icebreaker Collection is Premium and Ethically Sourced

Making travel and lifestyle apparel both stunning and sustainable, the new 2014 Icebreaker collection, which is made from recycled merino, will keep you warm and looks chicly bold.

Known for its MerinoLOFT jackets, the New Zealand-based Icebreaker brand uses Merino wool in inventive ways to keep us warm and looking good, and now the brand is diving into the world of garment sustainability with the new recycled fabrics it used for the 2014 Icebreaker collection.

"Icebreaker merino is created in nature, so sustainability and respect for the environment are part of who we are. We’ve been working to find a sustainable use for our merino offcuts for a long time. Merino is a precious natural fiber, so we want to use as much of it as possible," says Rob Achten, Icebreaker Creative Director and Vice President of Product.