- Feb 9, 2015
If you've never heard of Betabrand before, then consider all of these inventive Betabrand designs a company primer. The tech-focused clothing brand is located in San Francisco and is known for doing things differently. For starters, it spurns professional models by letting customers model its gear. Betabrand also crowdsources clothing, creating gear raised by budding designers who get enough online love.

These unorthodox Betabrand designs include everything from poop emoji button downs to business suit onesies. The brand's tech focus is on display with creations such as the DARPA Hoodie, a jacket created using an algorithm designed to eliminate wasted materials. These inventive Betabrand designs manage to appeal to millennials and techies without pandering, which is something many companies have struggled to do. After all, who wouldn't want to sport a pair of poop emoji shoes?

From Patterned Poop Attire to Business Suit Onesies: