These Astronaut Clothes Help You Look Out of This World

 - Jan 23, 2014
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Astronaut clothing used to be reserved for astronauts. That’s a no-brainer, but things are never that simple in the fashion industry. These jackets give you a cool spacey look with some good old-fashioned Earth style.

There has been a lot said about the future of humans and space travel. Every day it seems as if we're getting closer to actually being able to travel through space. If it does happen, at least you’ll be prepared with this athletic, white astronaut styled jacket. Betabrand is bringing astronaut clothing to the public with this high-class offering.

The jackets are inspired by astronaut EVA suits with satellite insulation and remain stylish while also achieving their desired astronaut aesthetic. All we need now is the helmets and we can start doing some real star gazing.