From Orbit Cleaning Workshops to Extraterrestrial Internet Plans

 - May 28, 2015
These galactic lifestyle innovations range from orbit cleaning workshops to extraterrestrial internet plans. As millennials grow more conscious of their environment and our planet's deteriorating state, their sustainable values are extending far beyond eco-friendly water bottles and hybrid vehicles. An example is the European Space Agency's latest project that aims to clean up low-Earth orbit debris and other man-made waste that has clogged our atmosphere.

In addition to industries who are appealing to sustainable values, top tiered alcohol brands are pushing marketing boundaries with space-bound cocktail stunts and craft beers that are actually made with solid moon rock fragments. Though far-fetched to some, these galactic products appeal to a niche demographic with an appreciation for exclusivity.

While the idea of space tourism may have seemed ions away ten years ago, Russia's recent announcement suggests it will be a reality by 2018. Lunar soda advertisements and products like zero-gravity coffee machines make the life in space more attainable than ever before. Other galactic lifestyle innovations making headlines include interactive tech and music festivals that feature galactic broadcasts and video games that give users a VR space experience.