The Look of This SPACELIFE Jacket is Out of This World

 - Dec 16, 2014
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Developed for those who have a love of style and deep space, there's this limited edition jacket from luxury clothing brand SPACELIFE. The outer material of the jacket is made from a trilobal fiber that’s water-resistant and reflective. In addition to offering you protection from the elements, the spacesuit-inspired jacket also boasts details like fine craftsmanship on embroidery patches and impressively high-tech features, such as integrated Bluetooth audio controls on the sleeve and in-hood audio systems. In contrast to the sleek white exterior of the jacket, the inside of the SPACELIFE jacket is lined with a shiny metallic material, which will really make you feel like an astronaut ready to blast off into another universe.

Only 100 editions of this jacket are available to order online through SPACELIFE.