Hyundai Helps a Girl Send a Message to Space for Her Austronaut Dad

 - Apr 18, 2015
References: amessagetospace & prexamples
Stephanie from Houston is one of the few young girls who can say that she has a father working on the International Space Station and since there is a great amount of distance behind them, Hyundai wanted to help connect dad and daughter by sending a message to space.

Using 11 Hyundai Genesis cars, the automotive brand traveled to the desert and wrote out a huge message that reads "Steph loves you." To give you a sense of how large these tire track letters are, the message has been officially recognized as "The largest tire track image" by the Guinness World Records.

Although this campaign is pretty grandiose, it's a clever way to acknowledge the public's renewed interest in outer space, thanks to missions like the Mars One, films like Gravity, Interstellar and the presence of NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars.