From Dangling Mobile Libraries to Beach Library Installations

 - Sep 7, 2015
These inspiring library designs are sure to have you swapping your e-reader for a hard-cover novel. While libraries have gradually shifted their focus from books to digital devices, they have retained their purpose as a place where patrons come to learn. These contemporary library designs continue to inspire bookworms everywhere to pick up a new novel or two.

While libraries are often thought of as fixed structures, there are several modern libraries that are designed for maximum mobility. These roving libraries help to bring literature to those who may be unable to access traditional public libraries. These mobile libraries come in the form of miniature trucks, pedal-powered carts and even antique bicycles.

While some libraries are designed for accessibility, others are focused on catering to a specific portion of the population. These libraries target a range of consumers who might not visit a traditional public library. These inspiring library designs include beach library installations, exclusive travel libraries and experimental fashion libraries.