The Digital Library Wallpaper is Full of Downloadable E-Books

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: & psfk
The Digital Library Wallpaper is a clever concept that melds the past with the present and fast-approaching future. As more and more people choose e-books over traditional paperbacks, home libraries are becoming a thing of the past. Yet with the Digital Library Wallpaper, that won't have to be the case. Instead, it introduces an creative alternative to the classic space.

Personalized to each individual customer, the Digital Library Wallpaper boasts QR codes that downloads chosen books by the owner. A collaborative project between Vodafone Romania, furniture retailer MobExpert, ad agency McCann Bucharest and Biblioteca Digitala, the beauty of the Digital Library Wallpaper is that it maintains the look of a filled bookshelf without taking up any physical space. Psfk writes, "The digital library wallpaper not only promoted the use of mobile internet in people’s living rooms, but also helped the publishing industry by offering writers a new kind of platform to promote or sell their novels and works."