This Cultural Center in Ateliers O-S Architectes Resembles a Museum

 - Mar 3, 2015
References: archdaily
Located in the French city of Saint-Germain-Lès-Arpajon, the Cultural Center by Ateliers O-S Architectes that will replace a current single multifunctional building, providing a new home for the city's media library, public library and school of music and dance.

The Saint-Germain Cultural Center is located within a park and sits on a steep valley offering spectacular views and a relaxing atmosphere for the new creative hub. The center is also bordered by a high school and a cemetery, so it is an area with considerable pedestrian traffic that makes it an apt location.

The Cultural Center boasts a visually pleasing facade constructed from glazed and printed wall panels made of extruded aluminum. The courtyard encourages pedestrians to stroll into the space, while the library is located so that it opens up widely to a view of the valley.