NASA has Released Images of Astronauts Meals from the Last 50 Years

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: nasa & designboom
You’ve probably spent countless hours of your life wondering about the contents of an astronaut's lunchbox and what they eat to sustain themselves as they orbit around the earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, NASA has just released archived images of the vacuum-packed goods that its astronauts have eaten over the last 50 years. Amazingly, a lot of the astronauts food is much more appetizing than the meals you get on a standard commercial flight.

The images display an advancement in food preparation standards for crew members, ranging from basics like crackers and seeds to decidedly more fancy meals like vacuum-packed shrimp and meats. There are even a couple of sneaky sweet treats like M&M’s in there. The images show trays from the 70s with special spaces to avoid things getting messy in anti-gravity atmospheres.

Photo Credits: designboom | NASA