From Fearless Baby Fantasy Ads to Avocado Obsession Commercials

 - Jan 5, 2014
This year's top commercials trends expertly tap into the emotions of consumers by featuring babies and animals. Marketers understand the true ability evoking emotions with consumers has and this could not be more apparent in 2013's top commercials.

While using babies and adorable animals to attract an audience is one thing, this year we also saw babies and animals taking on unconventional roles and characteristics that made them irresistible to viewers. From bunnies snuggling to puppies' cuteness powering a battery and personified polar bears drinking soda, marketers this year made use of human attraction to all things furry and fuzzy.

Babies and children were also used in commercials with more serious content and tones to really leave an impression on viewers in hopes of compelling them to support a cause or to donate to a charity.

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