This Bacon Scope Mouthwash is Revealed Suspiciously Near April Fools Day

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: scopemouthwash & mashable
Scope mouthwash maker Proctor & Gamble insists that this bacon-flavored mouthwash is a real product. I think the fact that it’s being revealed suspiciously close to April Fools Day is a big, deliciously bacon-infused red flag.

According the the very funny commercial that takes bacon love to a whole new interesting level, this bacon-flavored Scope tastes like bacon while you’re swishing it around in your mouth, leaving minty breath in its wake. Before the commercial reveals the mouthwash, it runs through a gauntlet of brilliant bacon ideas, many of which never occurred to me. The commercial references such astonishing bacon ideas like bacon-flavored sodas, shaving creams, bras, name tags and the ultimate of all, a portrait of Kevin Bacon, made of bacon.

I guess we’ll learn for sure if this is a funny April Fools prank by Scope, or it's a real product soon enough. I’m rooting for the real deal.