The Let's Get Zesty Campaign Presents Kraft Italian Dressings

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: youtube & popsop
The Let's Get Zesty campaign that promotes the Kraft Italian dressings used a sensual approach to market salad dressings to the ladies.

The campaign uses a very similar concept to the famous Old Spice commercial. The handsome man used in the Kraft ad is meant to epitomize the perfect, desirable man just like the Old Spice guy. He radiates excellence in all endeavors, such as perfectly slicing a pepper that he spends about a millisecond to cut. This arouses desire of women and men who are watching with subtle sexual innuendos throughout the commercial.

The fact that sex sells is now common knowledge. Commercials are using this notion and still making use of the tactic by self-humoring their blatantly obvious pursuit with cheesy lines and intended overacting.