- Jul 12, 2014
Paying tribute to such artists as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, these surrealist fashion examples range from illusionary ad campaigns to conceptual runway presentations.

Whether wearable or photographic, these examples are a nod to the Surrealism art movement that aims to play with its viewer's perception.

Standouts from this vast list include Kenzo's accessory and eyewear ads that depict models in a set of vivid, collage compositions. These compositions are often accented with layered architecture, floating imagery and illusionary visuals that are both eye-catching and imaginative.

Other memorable mentions form this list of surrealist fashion examples include Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's fragmented cover shoot for Flaunt magazine and Dries Van Noten's artful couture show that highlights a range of the luxe label's prints.

From Illusionary Ad Campaigns to Artist-Inspired Runway Shows: