The Greatness Awaits Ad for PlayStation 4 is Epic

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: adweek
The Greatness Awaits campaign for the new PlayStation 4 is every video game fan's dream. The campaign will consist of several print ads and other commercials, but the first commercial released proves that this is a demonstration of marketing genius. The commercial shows actor Taylor Handley as he strolls through a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland. Handley delivers a passionate monologue complementing the viewer's greatness, and warning against turning away from that greatness.

As Handley walks along, more and more people join him. He passes a wide array of strange objects, including a rainbow-painted house and a burning car. Finally, he comes to the edge of a cliff overlooking a battle raging below. Included in the battle are dozens of iconic video game characters, each fighting to achieve greatness.

The visual effects of 'Greatness Awaits,' combined with Handley's powerful speech and the appearance of famous characters makes this commercial the ultimate in video game campaigns.