The WildWash Natural Dog Shampoo Displays Humans in Their Ads

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: dog-milk
The WildWash Natural dog shampoo gives your friendly canine a luxurious bath. WildWash has created a bizarre campaign for its new line of natural dog shampoo that features human male models with dog-inspired hair. The men displayed in each printed ad are depicted with interesting canine hairstyles. Their hairstyle resembles a types of dog that can be identified as a poodle, for example. They are also styled with color and enhanced textured to define to look of each hairstyle.

Wildwash aims to make a fun reference to humans looking like dogs as if they were to use this shampoo. "WildWash is known for being the UK’s first all-natural pet grooming company, boasting 3 Star certification from ASCAS (Animal Shampoo and Cosmetics Association Standards)," according to its founder Andrew Cooper. WildWash definitley sets the bar for creating the most humorous dog shampoo ads.