This Subway Commercial Shows People with Extreme Loves for Avocados

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: padalekki.tumblr
The 'It's Avocado Season' Subway commercial makes fun of the obsessive nature of Internet fandoms. The funny commercial promotes adding avocado to Subway sandwiches. The commercial begins with two women having lunch together, but the rivalry between them quickly becomes an intense competition to one-up each other to prove who is the biggest fan of avocados.

The competition escalates, with the women showing their extreme love of avocados by creating Facebook fan pages for the fruit, wearing avocado-embroidered sweaters and earrings and driving avocado shaped cars. The contest is ultimately won by the woman who named her baby "Avocado," and outfitted the child in an avocado-shaped suit.

This humorous campaign has been well-received by people who can identify with being or know someone who is obsessed with a fandom.