From Flourless S'more Tarts to Decadent Donut Macarons

 - Mar 17, 2015
Gluten-free desserts have expanded quite a bit over the last few years. As gluten intolerance becomes more widely accepted, it's only natural that not only independent bakers, but also bigger brands start to take note of this burgeoning section in the grocery store. Of course, food blogs have become a go-to source for healthy alternatives to more traditional sweets.

The slew of gluten-free desserts that have been publish online has increased exponentially. People are happy to share their finds and baking knowledge with those also suffering from forms of celiac disease. What makes this collection of gluten-free desserts especially great is the variety of recipes available. Since people need to experiment in general when coming up with something palatable, it's only natural to extend that to the dish itself.