Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream Boasts a Strange But Delicious Ingredient

The celiac disease may have been diagnosable for years, but as soon as celebrities such as Gwynyth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon due to their intolerance, it wasn't very well-known; now that it is, recipes such as the Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream are cropping up everywhere to help people adjust to their new eating habits. Just in time for summer, this unique frozen treat is a great alternative to ice cream and even frozen yogurt, which is gluten-free.

The Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream recipe was created by Christi Silbaugh, who specializes in creative recipes for this dietary need. Although avocado may seem like a strange ingredient, it adds just the right amount of creaminess to the dessert.