From Chocolate Popcorn Balls to Vegan Pecan Truffles

 - Jun 7, 2015
Nutritious gluten-free desserts are packed with sweet and savory flavor while providing the body with hearty benefits.

Chocolate popcorn balls revolutionize cinema snacking while gluten-free coffee cakes are just as good without the conventional flour. Both recipes include ingredients with plenty of potassium, phosphorus and zinc. During the holiday season, dairy-free holiday coffees serve as a gluten-free and vegan-friendly treat.

With every account of desserts there are a wide range of chocolate-laced dishes and nutritious gluten-free desserts are not exempt from the rule. Vegetable-infused macaroons offer outstanding benefits along with its chocolaty ingredients while tiramisu-inspired brownies also offer a rich cocoa taste.

Even without the tradition sugars and thick creams, these desserts are still worth indulging in.