From Chocolate-Dipped Donut Sandwiches to Strange Spam Donuts

 - Jun 5, 2015
In honor of National Donut Day, these delicious donut dishes offer endless inspiration for selecting the perfect celebratory snack. Whether you prefer something sickeningly sweet or a more unusual savory confection, there are a multitude of donut recipes to choose from.

For something a bit more traditional, there are a number of donut dishes that stick to classic sugary sweet flavors with fun toppings and unexpected fillings. Among many bakers, cereal, sprinkles and cookie crumbs have become a popular way to add a subtle crunchy texture to a traditionally sweet donut. Of course, the fun flavor of the donut isn't always visible from the outside. Donuts can now be stuffed with anything imaginable, from decadent cookie dough buttercream to creamy hazelnut spreads.

For the more adventurous crowd, there are a number of unusual donut creations that deliver unorthodox and unconventional flavor combinations. Donut-based burgers are not all that unusual anymore, but donut hot dogs and donut lobster rolls are sure to raise some eyebrows. For an even more unexpected twist, there are strange spam hybrids, hot sauce-filled desserts and even cheesy pulled pork confections.

So whether you prefer sweet or savory, these delectable donut dishes feature favors from every end of the spectrum.