This Burger by PYT is Sweet, Savory and Deliciously Gooey

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: facebook & eater
If you're a fan of outlandish and gourmet burgers then you simply must try the donut cheesesteak burger by PYT. This crazy burger takes fast-food to new heights with the addition of cheesesteak meat, melted cheese and a glazed donut.

Foodies looking to expand their fast-food horizons should think about taking a bite or two out of this sweet and savory burger. PYT creatively substitutes a traditional beef patty with stacked slices of yummy cheesesteak. In-between the cheesesteak are slices of gooey melted cheese that drip down the sides of the burger. For an added touch of sugar the cheesesteak meet is sandwiched between a glazed donut. If you think you have the stomach for this burger then head on over to PYT in Philly and pick one of these bad boys up.