These Doctor Who Donut Flavors are Inspired by Characters From the Show

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: thedonutwhole & thatsnerdalicious
If you love watching the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who, then these donut flavors inspired by the popular space show are sure to tickle your fancy. These novelty Doctor Who donuts are made by The Donut Whole in Kansas.

There's nothing quite like being a mega-fan of a television show and then finding food inspired by your favorite characters. That's exactly what happened here at The Donut Whole. The bakery took various popular characters, places and objects from the Doctor Who series and used them to create these decorated donut designs and flavors. There is the Sonic Bluedriver donut that takes inspiration from Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver, the Lime Lord with a zesty citrus flavor and cleverly play on words off of the Time Lord, the navy blue and white Police Box donut and the red and white icing Bad Wolf.