- Sep 1, 2015
From Warhol-designed pop art vodka bottles to an app that makes animations out of his art, Andy Warhol's inspiration is everywhere. Now there's even a series of artwork that fuses his iconic soup can posters with Star Wars characters.

Warhol was the painter of some of the most expensive paintings every sold. The largest museum in the world dedicated to one single artist is the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. He's known for having launched the successful careers of renowned young artists, including his mentorship of and collaboration with Basquiat.

But Warhol is also remarkable for the number of spin-off projects and items his work has spawned. Under his influence, pop art has become a staple theme of furniture design, fashion collections and branded items like pop art vodka, pop art surfboards and pop art baby carriages. We may be living in the era of everyone's 15 minutes of fame, but Andy Warhol's art has proved much more enduring.

From Pop Art Vodka Bottles to Iconic Bombshell Surfboards: