These Andy Warhol Products Feature the Iconic Artist's Self-Portraits

Tons of Andy Warhol products continue to be produced even 27 years after the renowned pop artist's death. One of the newest Warhol-inspired objects that has been produced in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation is a capsule collection of sunglasses for RETROSUPERFUTURE.

The black and white range of eyewear features several of Warhol's self-portraits on the inside of the translucent frames, which read as a mottled grayish pattern from the front. Although the art isn't as poppy as some of his more graphic work, the collection is pretty stylish nonetheless. The SUPER x Andy Warhol glasses come in numerous styles, including America, Ciccio, Classic and Drew, which retail for about $245 each and come in a special edition case to match the artful glasses.