From Travel Baby Backpacks to Fashionable Baby Slings

 - Apr 23, 2015
Traveling with babies can be physically and mentally exhausting, but these thoughtful infant travel solutions make life easier for parents and babies alike, making for hassle-free and enjoyable travel.

You might wonder how much refinement can actually be applied to a device as seemingly simple as a baby sling or carrier, but you'd be surprised. Many traditional baby slings distribute the baby's weight unevenly on the lower back or on one side of the torso, causing pain and other issues. Modern manufacturers have come up with baby carrier designs that evenly distribute the baby's weight for increased comfort.

Even something as a stroller can still be made more convenient, for example by making operating it as hands-free as possible.

Adding several different functions to a single product, be it a stroller, carrier or sling, is also a great way to enhance its appeal. At the end of the day, it's all about minimizing hassle and effort. The best baby carriers, slings and strollers are the ones that make you forget you're using them.