- May 26, 2015
Barbecue season is finally here and these non-traditional hot dogs are worth adding to any menu.

Unlike the conventional wiener dish topped with mustard, ketchup, and/or relish, these quirky hot dogs infuse other foods or feature unexpected condiments. DIY edible hot dog mummies allow the consumer to make a criss-cross casing for any wiener whether it be sausage, mystery meat or vegan.

Hot dog hybrids such as bacon-injected wieners and chicken-wrapped hot dogs fuse together two meaty dishes for the best of backyard cooking. Hot dogs also make a chilling dessert when served as chocolate-covered corn dogs with a side of ice cream.

Non-traditional hot dogs are worth incorporating into every holiday cookout and all barbecues held after.

From Artist-Imprinted Meals to Hybrid Holiday Hot Dogs: