Turn Your Wieners into Hello Kitty Cat Cartoon Characters for Your Next BBQ

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: toplessrobot & foodiggity
It was recently announced by the Hello Kitty creator that the beloved Hello Kitty cat actually isn't a cat at all, but instead a little girl. Regardless of the species of the adorable Hello Kitty character, you can enjoy turning your BBQ hot dogs into mini Hello Kitty faces with this kitschy hot dog stamp.

While the minds of many imploded and fans around the world were baffled to hear the news the beloved anime character's features do look strikingly like those of a kitten, making this news rather confusing. Either way, Hello Kitty will remain one of the most recognizable cartoon faces in all the world rendering products like these Hello Kitty wiener cutters. The set is designed to allow kids to stamp their hot dogs and turn a boring old wiener into an edible Hello Kitty face.