Dougie Dog's Dragon Dog is an Expensive Hot Dog That Costs $100

 - Aug 11, 2014
References: nydailynews & luxurylaunches
Since it's commonly known as a street meet, hot dogs aren't typically something that you pay more than a couple bucks for—unless you're going after the expensive hot dog that's made by Dougie Dog.

The Vancouver-based restaurant can now claim that its Dragon Dog is one of the world's most expensive hot dogs, ringing in at $100. What makes the hot dos so expensive is that it's made with a bratwurst that's been soaked in Louis the 13th cognac—a bottle of this costs $2,000. On top of this, the sausage is loaded with truffle oil-seared Kobe beef, lobster and a secret spicy sauce. Like a lot of good things, preparing this hot dog takes time and if you're hankering for a Dragon Dog, you'll have to order at least 12 hours in advance to ensure that everything can be prepared to perfection.