From Bagel Ice Cream Sandwiches to Spicy Beer Cheese Bagels

 - Aug 25, 2015
It's almost impossible to imagine making a bagel -- essentially a ring of fluffy goodness -- any better, but these creations manage to spice them up, whether they're variations on cheese bagels or unexpected watermelon-flavored bagels.

For bagel lovers with a sweet tooth, there are delectable bagel desserts: bagel ice cream sandwiches, everything bagel eclairs and even Tim Hortons Nutella bagels. For those who prefer more traditional savory bagels, there are pizza bagel recipes, bagel hot dog buns and spicy topping bagels. There are bagels for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, bagel fads like the croissant-bagel hybrid -- that was the bagel's answer to the cronut -- and spicy beer cheese bagels that were a food truck must-have at Coachella are also on the rise. For the health-conscious, there's even a vegan alternative fruit-based bagel.

Whether satisfying a carb craving with cheese bagels or making a healthy sandwich with a Sprouted Grain Rappleberry bagel, there's a bagel out there for every occasion.