From Superhero Strollers to Transformative Stroller-Trikes

 - Aug 10, 2015
These high-tech stroller solutions allow you to transport your infant or toddler with ease. In recent years, the stroller has undergone a number of changes in order to help keep babies safe and secure. As parental needs continue to evolve, brands have sought to make strollers that are more rugged and more portable.

One of the biggest innovations in stroller designs is durability. Unlike the strollers of the past, these high-tech prams are designed to tackle nearly any terrain. Some of these new designs include features such as advanced suspension systems and durable three-wheeled frames.

Beyond durability, consumers have also begun looking for baby carriers that fit their busy lifestyles. In response to changing parental needs, brands have begun making strollers that are more portable, lightweight and compact. Some of these innovative stroller solutions include hybrid backpack prams, 3-in-1 baby carriers and transformative stroller-seats.