Tokyo Disney's Spooky Halloween Snacks Feature Black Donuts & Sausages

This year, Tokyo Disney is getting ready for October 31st by introducing some spooky Halloween snacks. At Disney Sea, unusual items include things like like black sausages and skull-shaped tortilla plates with orange and black dipping sauces.

Although orange is a color that can be naturally found in some foods, black is one that is harder to come by. Some other fun Halloween snacks to indulge in at the park include a blackened donut with an orange cream filling and a Tipo Torta pastry with a black exterior and a dark blue cheese filling. As unsettling as these dark treats are, you can bet that they're probably just as tasty as ever. At Tokyo Disney, these festive snacks are being promoted alongside the Funny Monsters line, which features Disney characters all dressed up for Halloween in costume.