Celebrate National Cotton Candy Day with These Sweet Treats & Accessories

 - Dec 7, 2015
In honor of National Cotton Candy Day, check out these delicious treats and creative accessories inspired by a classic carnival snack. Chefs and bakers have been producing creative culinary dishes that incorporate cotton candy such the 'Carnem Prime Steakhouse.' This restaurant offers guests a bite-sized skewer snack that wraps candy floss around slices of biased pork belly.

In addition to desserts, candy floss is also being used in scented items such as candles and perfumes. There is even an Etsy shop called 'Soap Ghost,' which offers a vegan-friendly hand soap that smells like sweet candy floss.

Even designers have been using the whimsical look of candy floss to create new and exciting household and fashion products. There are wigs and fashion editorials that have been made to reflect the fluffy pink treat. Whether you want to try a new hybrid dessert or simply prefer the sweet aroma, Nation Cotton Candy Day is the perfect time to indulge your sweet tooth craving.