This High-Tech Machine Helps Users Make Cotton Candy in Seconds

 - Aug 25, 2015
References: lickmeimdelicious & psfk
'Whirlwind' is a high-tech machine that can help you make cotton candy at home. While there are a number of portable cotton candy makers on the market, this device is designed to turn out delicious treats faster than ever before.

The machine features a spinning hot disk that works to elongate sugar crystals into flossy strings. After the sugar is spun, the device shapes them and then blows them out of the machine. Whirlwind operates at 60 MPH, allowing it to make cotton candy faster than a traditional candy making machine. Not only is the device functional, but it is also designed to entertain. The machine features flashing lights and a domed top that allows views to watch the candy being spun.

While cotton candy is not the healthiest food to make at home, the device is perfect for parties and get togethers.