At the Barton G. Restaurant, You Can Order a Candied Marie Antoinette Hairdo

 - Jun 19, 2014
References: bartongtherestaurant & eater
Los Angeles eatery Barton G. is known for its outlandish desserts and fun, experimental food dishes. One of the playful food items guests are encouraged to order is the edible coiffed wig made entirely from cotton candy.

The Let Them Eat Cake dessert is a massive swirled dessert made solely from pink cotton candy. It was designed to look like a fancy Rocco wig headpiece celebrated socialites like Marie Antoinette would wear to court. The cotton candy has been expertly sculpted to look like a pompous pouf stacked sky-high. The candy floss dessert comes served on an extravagant pink mannequin head surrounded with a selection of delicious sweet cakes. For $18 a pop, this delicious candied hairdo could be yours.