This Ink and Water Photo Series is Hypnotic and Psychedelically Colored

 - Aug 10, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
Mixing ink and water to create this set of mesmerizing and dreamy images, photographer Jordan Weinrich captures different colored inks as they ethereally dance in still waters to create liquid smoke.

Some of images look robust and psychedelic -- almost like they're exploding into shapes -- and some look like colored cotton candy; yet all of them have a hypnotic vibe to them. Weinrich captured his smokey haze of ink by pouring ink into water to create this stunning series of images with a black background to give the colors and shapes cinematic intensity. In this ink and water dreamscape, you can see all the colors of the rainbow intertwined harmoniously to create a mist that is mesmerizing. It also makes it hard to known when the liquid starts and when the vapor starts.