- Sep 28, 2014
The top September 2014 design ideas offer a welcome balance between products that are either hugely practical or particularly bizarre -- all of which depends on the consumer.

On the practical front, designers are creating a variety of products that enable consumers to enjoy a sustainable and waste-free lifestyle. The chemical-free swimming pools from the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron and the contemporary sustainable home from Millimeter Interior Design Limited -- which uses LED lighting -- show how living a life of sustainability does not need to sacrifice style.

When recognizing some of the more unusual ideas of the month, the lifesize gelatin brick wall by Lisa Hein & Robert Seng and the handmade drinking fountain for cats are definitely worthy of a mention here.

Trend Hunter's Design Trend Report offers a more in-depth explanation of the ways the top September 2014 technology ideas will impact brands.

From Tongue Tea Infusers to Angular Victorian Residences: