Sebastian Petrovski's 'Perception is Reality' is a Study of Light

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Perception is Reality is a series that compares different photography lighting. By doing so, it shows how drastic a makeover a person can go from bright natural lighting to dimmer manmade illumination. Clearly, the former wins out every time. It makes each model look radiant and youthful while the darker portraits age them quite significantly.

Through the latter use of photography lighting, flaws stand out all the more. Although Melbourne-based photographer Sebastian Petrovski might be teaching people the best ways to snap a selfie, he also shows people that the 'perception of reality' really is dependent on a variety of factors. Photography lighting brings attention to one of these factors. He asks, "If I cannot prove (without doubt) whether what I perceive is real then how can I be certain if I am perceiving at all?"