Mark Your Territory with the Niquegeek Batman Branding Iron

 - Sep 1, 2014
References: etsy & io9
If people ignore the labels and post-it notes you put on your property, then this Batman Branding Iron from NiqueGeek will definitely get noticed.

The Batman Branding Iron is a mount that you snap onto a standard BiC lighter. The branding iron is made of steel and 3D printed into a Batman insignia design reminiscent of the one in the recent Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. To use the branding iron, simply light and hold the flame to the insignia for 60-90 seconds and that's it, you are now ready to burn the Batman symbol into almost anything you'd like.

NiqueGeek is quick to point out that the Batman Branding Iron is not a toy, and that one should take care and use it responsibly.