These Ads for Save the Arts Show Talent That's Gone to Waste

 - Aug 16, 2014
References: adsoftheworld
These Save the Arts ads show that creative people will always need to find an outlet and that their unique talents shouldn't go to waste. The ads show famous pieces of art like The Scream, the Mona Lisa and an Andy Warhol-style drawing of Marilyn Monroe's face not on canvases, but in unconventional places like plates, lattes and hamburgers.

Without having to explain it, it's clear that each of the artists in these ads has had to accept a job where they can't be creative to their full potential. Instead, these artists are stuck having to work the 9-5 as a dish washer, server or a barista, where their talents will most likely go unnoticed or unappreciated. Although these jobs may be fine for the time being, they could be preventing the Michelangelo of this century from emerging.